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The Cost Of Silver Doubled The Last Time This Took Place

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Have we struck a bottom in the silver rate? This information from the COMEX suggests that might effectively hold true.

The last time big speculative traders took a brief position in silver on the COMEX, the rate of silver folded 15 months.

Could that take place once again? Well, there’s a lot more inflation now than the last time this took place, so doubling may be the conservative price quote.

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19 thoughts on “The Cost Of Silver Doubled The Last Time This Took Place

  1. Would you swap/sell your gold for silver now? At what point would you consider doing this?

    1. 😎. I hold gold for the overnight currency reset. Silver is uncertain in that situation. Silver I hold for that spike silver likes to do. Then you might want to trade for some gold or buy something.

    2. @Arouse yea, I agree…

      Don’t really swap gold for silver, swap silver for gold when silver spike…

    3. With the recent and coming discoveries in gold, it may be prudent to hold more silver than gold in the longer term.

  2. Cup and handle pattern completes use Fib to see where it goes. First time 1980 went from 1.5 to 50. Second time 2011 went from 8 to 50. Safe bet this time is goes from 12 to 50. Question is does it stop there?

  3. 😎. I feel reluctant on your channel to say how bullish I am. To me the fundamentals to shove silver into a frenzy are so prevalent today I don’t think we will or I will at my age see these prices in these fiat currencies again in my life time. The debt based system is cycling into exponential inflation. If you know FED speak you know what they just said. Long term inflation not transitory far from peaking strap on your seat belts. U asked and that’s my take. I even held back a bit 😂

  4. I think we may be on track to see silver possibly hit the highest prices most of us have seen in our lifetimes soon. I was never really a stacker up until about 3 months ago but the writing is on the wall when I look at our economic situation and the fed still printing dollars left and right.

  5. If the drain on the comex continues then i think the paper game will be over sometime in 2024 . But meantime if silver just catches up with inflation $36 would be expected.

  6. I can understand looking at COT reports and being interested in the dynamics of how Silver trades and moves in price to a degree, but the longer that I stack the monetary metals, the more irrelevant price actually seems to become. I can’t say for certain why that is, but I suspect it has to do with the fact that I in no way see Gold or Silver as investments. They are insurance, and they are money. However, that is all that they are, so whether Silver drops to $9 or flies to $90, it’s not going to affect my purchasing. It will only mean that I will be purchasing more or less depending upon what my fixed increment of deflating currency will buy.

  7. We stackers get excited and the writing is on the walls. But, with the manipulation I think we’ll see $30 by spring. Which is great. But to the moon? It’s early to count on that. The dollar is still too strong. Squat and hold for now and buy what you can afford

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