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Kevin Wadsworth: A Cost Rally Prior to Gold’s 8-year Cycle Low?

We are signed up with on Metal Cash by Kevin Wadsworth of as we went over the technical proof recommending the combination in gold and silver costs is ending and a rate rebound is near.

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24 thoughts on “Kevin Wadsworth: A Cost Rally Prior to Gold’s 8-year Cycle Low?

    1. If you’re uncertain you can just cost average in: Buy a little now -w8- buy a little l8er ! 😉

    1. That’s the point. You could say we don’t know what the weather will be like in 3 days time, but that doesn’t stop our meteorologists in the UK weighing all the evidence, running simulations and arriving at the most likely outcome (forecast). This allows every major Atlantic storm system to affect our country in the last 40 years to have been correctly predicted days in advance (in many cases, before they even formed). Our recent heatwave was correctly predicted over a week before it happened. The techniques used to do this are directly applicable to the markets – it’s the EXACT same process of gathering evidence to know the most likely outcome. Look at the very first chart in this interview if you don’t believe me.

    2. @Northstar Badcharts Kevin has 30 years of experience as a Meteorologist in the UK.

  1. Charts reflect market psychology which is in tune with economic uncertainty right now.
    Fundamentals and the calls are in harmony.

  2. Thank you Sir, A Gift from the sky,,, Buy Buy Buy Physical, Any fiat left Repeat, They cant print Silver /Gold

  3. gold shouldn’t be treated like a stock investment. You buy gold and hold it for years, then you will get rewarded.

    1. It’s that manipulation (and everything else) that creates the support & resistance lines telling us when to turn bullish/bearish.

  4. So odd how charts can end you up at certain places in both price and time. When you repeatedly end up in the same envelope over and over in both, something is there. 👍🏻 well done.

  5. i fail to see the relevance of this chart reading in today’s economic and political climate, We are in uncharted waters now and no one has ever lived through times where most of the world is tied up in the economic madness. This has never been seen before. good luck predicting anything

  6. My favorite part is when these guys say, it may go up, or it may go down. Perfect, I never could have imagined such moves.

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